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Bespoke Interior Design Solutions for Discerning Client

At our exclusive design studio, we seamlessly merge neuropsychology, architecture, and design, fashioning bespoke residential spaces that enhance your well-being and elevate your lifestyle.

Refined Approach: BS Sense Method

Our comprehensive interior design services encompass every facet of your project, from conceptualization to the final embellished space. ​

With our BS Sense Method, grounded in psychology and neuroscience, we delve deeply into understanding each client's aspirations and necessities, ensuring that every space mirrors individual personalities

Our focus extends beyond aesthetics and functionality, integrating sensory triggers that influence brain synapses, regulating your body's natural rhythms, promoting well-being, reducing stress, and enhancing cognitive functions.


Your home will become a sanctuary that nurtures your best self and elevates your quality of life.

Experience Bespoke Interior Design Crafted for Discerning Tastes


Where Neuroscience and Psychology Meet Exquisite Design

With a portfolio boasting over 250 meticulously crafted environments in both Brazil and international locations.

We offer a bilingual service in English and Portuguese.

Distinguished for our Specialization in High-End Residential Projects.

Our focus revolves around a client-centric work methodology. 

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At the intersection of Psychology and Design, we uncover a deeper connection between individuals and their living spaces—beyond the mere visual aspect.

Your Home: A Sensorial Haven

Recognizing that our connection to our homes transcends sight, we delve into the essence of the five senses, creating experiences that become the canvas for your most cherished emotional memories.

Where Authenticity Finds Expression

Your home is the canvas for your most intimate self-expression, where authenticity and liberty intertwine to script the chapters of your life's journey.

Elevating Lifestyle Essence

I ardently advocate for the fusion of Psychology, my secondary degree, with Architecture and Design. With the BS Sense method, placing residents at the helm of decision-making, we carve spaces that exude originality, personality, and authenticity.

Our Impeccable Portfolio

With over 250 meticulously crafted environments in Brazil and internationally, our adept team of Designers, Architects, and Engineers bring forth a unique transformation, handling every aspect from project ideation to complete management.

Designing Dreams into Reality

Interior design isn't just a profession; it's my life's purpose to manifest your dreams into tangible, stunning realities. Our achievements, including the Outstanding Office Award from 2021 to 2023, the iconic Urban Arts brand wall on São Paulo's Oscar Freire, and features in Casa Vida Prática and Ego News magazines, stand as testaments to our dedication.

Empowering the Industry

Beyond our design endeavors, I extend my passion for interior design through speaking engagements, mentorship, and the creation of the Ministry of Education (MEC) recognized postgraduate program 'Living with Interiors,' transforming the lives of over 400 professionals in this field.

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